Lissybec's Blog

Well, now I have the interweb

It has been an awful long time since I even tried to update this blog of mine. I am now finally in a place where I have the internet. I have a new job, and although no new friends yet- I am getting there.

Well, I am going to be posting more regularly (I promise) and thought I would give you all a brief update. I am still single except for a brief interlude of a relationship which didn’t exactly work out. Nice guy, nice body, not bad in bed but just not grown up enough. Never knew what he wanted. Since him, I have been on a couple of dates… some okay ones, some good ones, some incredibly short ones. All fun, not all successful.. but that is not the name of the game. The name of the game is to meet guys, have a drink and a laugh and if it leads to more than cool. If not, I have had an interesting evening. 🙂


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