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Feelings poetry list

I am going to try and write poetry every day starting with lists.













Ahh fail…

And so I return with my head bowed with shame. For I failed in my promise to update my blog and so here I am about to have another crack at actually keeping this updated.

The past two months have been pretty busy, my housemate Katie has moved out, I have a new housemate AJ, today. I have been going out as a CitySocialising host, and met some really cool people. I have been on dates, with a series of freaks, and some non freaks. I am going to dedicate a blog just to that in the next couple of days, so will keep the madness to myself.

I have a new tattoo, which is amazing and I love it so much. Things are still good.


Well, now I have the interweb

It has been an awful long time since I even tried to update this blog of mine. I am now finally in a place where I have the internet. I have a new job, and although no new friends yet- I am getting there.

Well, I am going to be posting more regularly (I promise) and thought I would give you all a brief update. I am still single except for a brief interlude of a relationship which didn’t exactly work out. Nice guy, nice body, not bad in bed but just not grown up enough. Never knew what he wanted. Since him, I have been on a couple of dates… some okay ones, some good ones, some incredibly short ones. All fun, not all successful.. but that is not the name of the game. The name of the game is to meet guys, have a drink and a laugh and if it leads to more than cool. If not, I have had an interesting evening. 🙂

Soo, long time no post!

Well it has been a while since I posted, which has been down to not having the interweb. I have moved to Brighton, and I am living with a great guy who I get on well with.

I have also been promoted at work, I am now going to be supervising people. Which is kinda scary, I have never done that before.

Life has definitely got better, things are working out for me now, I am sooo much happier than I have been for the past 3 years, and the only thing that would improve things, would be to get some new friends.


Didn’t pass my goddamn motherfucking exam. It sucks so bad. Ah well, guess there are worse things, like getting sacked or whatever.

I am dissatisfied with my performance although I knew I wasn’t quite ready. Has cost me over 50 quid to get to and from my exam.

Having your nipple pierced hurts. Alot.

Fucking hell, I just had a nipple pierced, it hurts like hell. Even more than my vch. I am not sure why that is so, but it was far more intense. I said ‘fuck’ 5 times, which is 4 more times then my vch.

Why did I choose to willingly have a sharp needle shoved through my nipple? I don’t know, I liked the aesthetic of it, but I was not prepared for this pain.

Let’s see how it heals.


Well, confusion seems to be The order of my life at the moment. I seem to be at a kind of junction where whatever I decide could be right.

My feelings over my job are so flexible at the moment I don’t know which way is up. Sometimes I really like it, others I am not sure it’s for me. I like where I work alot, my team are great, I just I guess doubt that I am any good.

This comes down to a job, that I haven’t gone for, which is alot more money, and alot more responsibility. Sigh if I could be more sure.

Woodland Walks

I went for a walk today in a wood close to where I live with my sister and brother in law, and their two dogs. Its really pretty out in the woods at the moment… The bluebells are still out, and it just looks stunning.

Also saw a grass snake, it was beautiful.

Hello world!

So this is my first blog in a while. I have been wanting to get back into writing again, and what better to write about then my very own boring life.

Well, a little about me, I am 25, nearly 26, have just come out of a stupidly long relationship of wasted time, and I am trying to do all the things I have fancied doing, but never got round to for one reason or another.

This has led me to get a new piercing, which I have had for 2 months or so, and I am due another next thursday.

Hope my ramblings are vaguely interesting.